Vendor Registration


Registration Conditions
Dear Supplier, We would like to thank you for your interest in registering with TASNEE. Please take a few minutes to complete the form linked to this page to register your business. Kindly note the following :  The registration of your company will be conditioned on us upon your company meeting TASNEE requirements and due completion of registration Form along with the required supporting documentation.     TASNEE reserves the right to decline the registration request or in case your are registered , request from you time to time an update or further information of your company ; and or to re-evaluate your registration and/or to withdraw your registration in our sole discretion, without giving reasons. You are requested to read and acknowledge the following General Procurement Terms & Conditions , Business Ethics Policy and Non-Disclosure Agreement carefully. You can download & print these documents for your easy reference. 
General Procurement & Contracts Terms & Conditions
Business Ethics Policy
Non-Disclosure Agreement

I Acknowledge that I have read & understood TASNEE General Procurement & Contracts Terms & Conditions& I accept the same . I also confirm that I have read TASNEE Business Ethics and Non-Disclosure Agreement  here above and I accept the same. I Certify that all the information that would be provided here for the purpose of registration along with the attachments are true and I will be responsible to update TASNEE regarding the future changes. I understand that the above request is only for Registration at TASNEE to be potential supplier in future and not an assurance, promise or offer that TASNEE will award business to us.

Important: Before Starting, please download the Forms here  attached. This forms provided for a successful registration.

I accept Terms and conditions/Business Ethics and Non-Disclosure Agreement and I would like to proceed with registration.