Tasnee was established in 1985 as the Saudi private sector's first fully owned joint stock industrial company, with the aim of advancing the economic diversification in Saudi Arabia. Driven by best business practices and the goal of achieving profitable and sustainable growth for its stakeholders and society at large, Tasnee is today Saudi Arabia's second largest industrial company and one of the world's largest producers of titanium dioxide.
Tasnee is strongly committed to technology and innovation and supports product innovation through its Nipras Center for Research and Development in Jubail Industrial City. Tasnee allocates 1% of its profits to support charitable and humanitarian projects in Saudi Arabia.

Organizational Structure

Strategic Business Units
The Tasnee family of companies erects, manages, operates and owns multiple business grouped under three Strategic Business Units (SBUs).
Saudi Polyolefins Company, Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Company, Saudi Acrylic Acid Company.
National Titanium Doixide Company (Cristal), titanium dioxide, titanium-based metals, mining and pigments.
  • Metals: National Lead Smelting Company (Rasass), National Metal Manufacturing & Casting Company (Maadaniah).
  • Diversified products: Rowad National Plastic Company (Rowad), Rowad International Company for Artificial Membrane (Rowad Geo-membrane), Rowad Global Packaging Company (Rowad BOPP Films), National Batteries Company (Battariat), National Packing Products Company (Watan Pac)
  • Services: National Technical Inspection and Testing Company (Fahss), National Industrialization Petrochemicals Marketing Company.