Al-Khafra - Saudi Arabia has many privileges to be international hub for petrochemicals production

Eng. Mubarak bin Abdullah Al-Khafrah, Tasnee Chairman, has assured that the petrochemicals companies in Saudi Arabia have their milestone position in world markets as Saudi Arabia has many privileges that, increasingly, qualify it to be a global hub for petrochemicals and downstream products pointing out that petrochemicals industry is one of the largest non-oil industries in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is classified as 11th country around world in petrochemicals supply. Availability of feedstock, closure to exporting markets in Europe and Asia as well as abundance of energy resources as main factors, maintains remarkable growth in petrochemicals and downstream industries.

Al-Khafrah, said on the occasion of K-SHOW held in Düsseldorf, Germany, that the huge investments launched by Saudi Arabia to maintain infrastructure have enhanced Kingdom to be one of the largest producing countries in the Middle East of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), which are deemed as key elements used in production of plastic materials.
Al-Khafrah added: “Some global markets are significantly growing and have increased their demand for plastic products causing higher demand level for plastic products, therefore, there is a major progress in all aspects of plastics manufacturing of machineries, equipment’s, feedstock and semi-finished products, spare parts and relevant services to plastics and petrochemicals manufacturing”.
He said that Tasnee participation at the K-SHOW as a first time is in order to present Tasnee products to about 3000 exhibiting companies during period from 16 to 23 of October 2013, in the presence of a large number of businessmen, stressing that Tasnee is one of the largest among three thousand exhibitors at K-SHOW.
Al-Khafrah added: “Tasnee will provide full and comprehensive profile for reality and orientations of the company and to inform visitors the latest innovations used by Tasnee in plastics industry and raising level of feedstock to provide integrated solutions for stakeholders”.