National Industrialization Company announces the date and procedure of disbursement of profits for the fiscal year 2011

Upon the approval of the sixteenth Extraordinary General Assembly which was held on 12/05/1433 which is corresponding to 04/04/2012, National Industrialization Company is pleased to announce to its shareholders that they decided to disbursed their profits for the fiscal year 2011, the rate of (Real and a half) per share will begin disbursement by Al Rajhi Bank, starting from Wednesday, 26/05/1433 which is corresponding to 18/04/2012.
Note that the eligibility of the profits for shareholders who are registered in company records by the end of trading day of the Assembly.

The company draws the attention of the shareholders that the exchange profits will be as follows:
First, shareholders' investment portfolios will be the owners of the deposit of their profits in their bank accounts directly linked with their Portfolios, and they must update their bank accounts to facilitate the deposit process. In the case of something went wrong with the deposit please visit the nearest branch of the Al Rajhi Bank.

Second, for the shareholders who still keeping their share certificates please deposit them in your investment portfolios.
Further to the above announcement of the need to deposit share certificates in investment portfolios, the company encouraging their Shareholders customers for the speed of depositing of their certificates in their investment portfolios by hand to The Securities Depository Center (Tadawul): Riyadh King Fahad Road Towers - cooperative department of deposit - ground floor, or sent by mail to the address p. O. Box 60612 Riyadh 11555 attached with a copy of the national ID card, investment portfolios numbers and the name of the bank for preparation for depositing of their profits.
For more information, contact the Department of shareholders Tel: 4767166 to 01 – Ext. 633 or 254