TASNEE signs a Memorandum of Understanding with SASO

Tasnee has signed a technical cooperation Memorandum of Understanding with the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) to cooperate in the field of scientific research, Science Transfer and localization, in addition to the adoption of joint research projects which contribute to the enhancement and promotion of sustainable national development. The signing ceremony was held at SASO main office in Riyadh on Tuesday December 26, 2017. The agreement was signed by Engineer Mutlaq Ben Hamad Al Morished, Tasnee CEO, and Engineer Abdullah Ben Awad Al Qahtani, SASO Deputy Governor.

The Memorandum aims to stimulate the expertise of the parties and to adopt joint research projects that contribute to the development and promotion of sustainable national development, in addition to transfer and localization of science and technology in the activities of standardization, the qualification of technical competencies to increase competitiveness in  both parties’ fields and activities. The Memorandum also includes the agreement on activating the mutual technical cooperation in the field of preparing, reviewing and updating of technical specifications and regulations to raise confidence in the standards issued by SASO as well as providing technical consultations in quality management systems. 

Tasnee attaches great importance to research and development as one of its most important pillars of competitiveness, and seeks to enhance its technical capabilities to increase operating efficiency and provide high quality products. The Technology and Innovation Unit plays an essential role through its research centers in Jubail Industrial City to ensure business support and continuous development in line with the company’s strategy.​