Tasnee Successfully Holds a Blood Donation Campaign for its Employees





In alignment with our social responsibility efforts, the National Industrial Company “Tasnee” had successfully organized a blood donation campaign for its employees within its headquarters in Riyadh. The initiative was conducted as a way to support the Sanad Children’s Cancer Association.
The campaign was rolled out with the help and guidance of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre’s Blood Bank, who provided a fully equipped unit to conduct the campaign successfully between the 24th and the 25th of February 2016.
The initiative was very well received by employees who were not only eager to donate, but also fully understanding of how honorable and important a duty this is, especially with the campaign initiated to support the Children’s Cancer Association.
Tasnee CEO, Eng. Mutlaq Murished attended the event to encourage employees to donate. The CEO stressed how Tasnee must create a fully-aware culture amongst the general public as a whole, as well as in the private sectors.
He highlighted the importance of blood donation, explaining; “This simple act provides us all with the most basic necessity of life, especially for children who suffer from Cancer diseases such as Leukemia.  Such a task nurtures the mentality of helping others and willingness to sacrifice what’s most precious to us for the sake of saving someone else’s life.”
Eng. Mutlaq also shed some light on the healthy benefits which comes with blood donation.
This campaign was organized by Tasnee’s Social Responsibility department which conducts a vast number of activities throughout the year for the sake of social responsibility.
Tasnee is considered one of the first companies to dedicate a fixed percentage from its annual profits for sake of social responsibility activities. On a yearly basis, Tasnee contributes to multiple charity organizations to organize/cascade a variety of educational, rehabilitation, social, and health programs which help in educating and supporting Saudis when it comes to the different social issues they may face.