Tasnee announces the latest developments on the Titanium Sponge Project

Further to a previous announcement published on 03 Marsh 2016 on Tadawul website regarding latest developments on the Titanium Sponge Project Tasnee announces a new date of the trial and commercial startup from what we planned and announced on Tadawul to be on the second half of 2018 because of the delay of build the raw material unit (Titanium tetrachloride).

The initial titanium sponge project capacity is 15,600 tons/year in Yanbua industrial city. This project and the ilmenite smelter are major downstream projects in Tasnee titanium value chain.

The financial impact of the new date of the startup is cannot be determined at this stage any major developments in the project will be announced in later dates. 

Please note that the project owned by Advanced Metal Industries and Toho Titanium Company which is owned 65% by Advanced Metal Industries Co. (AMIC) owned 50% by Tasnee and 50% by Cristal and 35% owned by Toho Titanium.​