Tasnee honors students of southern region (Al Hazm Ambassadors)





TASNEE has celebrated and honored the students of the southern region (Al HAZM Ambassadors) who participated in the ceremony of the Ministry of Education, within the project of “the participation of students from the department of education in the south of the kingdom in the activities of seasonal clubs for the summer of 1436 (Al Hazm Ambassadors)”, and on the sidelines of the closing ceremony held by the Ministry of Education on this occasion under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Azzam bin Mohammed Al-Dakhil, Minister of Education.
TASNEE has joined the celebrating entities and participated in the initiative to honor the students of the south and their parents and educational supervisors, who lived through the war, in addition to the sons of soldiers on the southern borderlines and the sons of the martyrs and injured.
TASNEE introduced a group of gifts for the participants in the ceremony, which comes to strengthen the bonds of national cohesion and to promote the values of loyalty and belonging, and provides an opportunity for the children of soldiers and children of martyrs and the injured to express their feelings and pride their parents and the sacrifices they offer to the nation and the heroism they proved.