Waste Free Environment Campaign Rallies all Tasnee Petrochemicals team





The National Industrialization Company (Tasnee) had successfully carried out an environmental awareness campaign “Waste Free Environment”, in Jubail Industrial City, on February 9th.  
The campaign comes in line with the company's strategy for social responsibility and sustainable growth by ensuring the highest professional standards in all of its operations commitment to investing in environmental friendly technologies, processes, its employees and the communities in which it operates.
The campaign included cleaning highways, beaches and islands with support from the Jubail Divers committee. An exhibition was held at the Creativity and Knowledge Center in Jubail Industrial City, with different environmental programs and competitions, such as best environmental video, the most beautiful artwork created from recycled materials and the best environmental image.
Eng. Mazyad Al-Khalidi, EVP Petrochemical SBU, highlighted the importance of preserving the environment and raising awareness amongst Tasnee employees and across the community, by encouraging employees to participate and raise awareness on how to deal with the waste disposal.

Tasnee was honored during the opening ceremony of the campaign by the Chief Executive of Royal Commission, Dr Musleh Al-Otaibi and the event was attended by a number of government officials and many companies in Jubail.
This year’s annual event was organized and sponsored by the petrochemical and chemical companies in Jubail in collaboration with GIPCA, held on February 7 to 11, with more than 850 volunteers.  The campaign was carried out in eight different locations, in three cities, including five locations in Jubail and two locations in each of the Nairiyah and Hafr Al-Batin.