Tasnee Supplier Requirements

Tasnee expects all suppliers to be:

      • Aligned to Tasnee business objectives and values
      • Financially secured
      • The direct manufacturer or authorized distributor by the original manufacturer
      • Able to transact business electronically
      • Staffed with competent personnel to support the services/goods provided
      • Able to maintain quality assurance systems and processes
      • Agreeable to supply on the basis of Tasnee’s terms and conditions
      • Able to maintain polices that support fair competition and integrity

Tasnee recognizes that significant socioeconomic benefits can be achieved through sourcing products and services locally and globally. Tasnee is committed to working with local suppliers as its first choice to ensure local companies have the opportunity to partner with Tasnee. For more details on the establishment of business relation with Tasnee, please click here