TASNEE showcases its capabilities and products during ArabPlast 2019

TASNEE hosted its customers to a dinner meeting as part of its participation in Arabplast trade expo for plastics, petrochemicals and rubber industry ArabPlast 2019, which was held at Dubai World Trade Center, during the period of 5-8 January 2019. Tasnee participation in this expo reflects its keenness and constant interest in direct communication with the customers to closely identify their requirements, and to develop a strong relationship with them. This will allow Tasnee to respond and serve our customers and provide them with the best solutions, products and services.

A high-level team from Tasnee attended the dinner, led by Mr. Mutlaq Al-Morished, TASNEE CEO, Eng. Saad Al Ayedh, Executive Vice President of Petrochemicals and Mr. Hassan Al Ahmadi, Vice President of Polymers and Chemicals.


Mr. Al-Morished briefed the customers on the developments in the global market, and prospects of growth in the petrochemical sector, as well as the challenges ahead. Additionally, Al-Morished discussed the changes in the crude oil market and its demand during 2019, which is affected by several factors including the expectations of reducing production, political instability and trade conflicts. He also pointed to the development of the US-China trade conflict and its negative effects on the growth of the two largest economies in the world. Al-Morshed also showcased the petrochemical products outlook, mainly polypropylene and polyethylene, and the supply, production and demand levels in key markets such as China, India and the US.


Moreover, Eng. Saad Al Ayedh presented our journey, which included the stages TASNEE went through since its establishment in 1985 as the first Saudi industrial joint-stock company wholly owned by the private sector. The presentation included a brief about Tasnee eagerness to apply best practices, and its responsibilities towards its stakeholders, in addition to showcasing TASNEE sectors, products, and innovative solutions.


Furthermore, Eng. Hassan Al Ahmadi gave a presentation on the petrochemical sector in TASNEE, focusing on the diversity of its technologies, strength areas, the company’s capabilities in the local, regional and global markets and its achievements during the past period and the levels of safety and professionalism it enjoys. He also showcased the portfolio of high-quality, innovative products produced by TASNEE, their multiple uses and the short period it takes for these products to reach our customers around the world.


TASNEE places high importance on its participation in ArabPlast expo as it is the most important tradeshow for plastics, petrochemicals and rubber industries in the Middle East where the experts, stakeholders, specialists and decision makers from around the world gather under one umbrella.


TASNEE participated and showcased its diversified portfolio of petrochemicals, polymers and plastic solutions in this four-day global forum.​​