In parallel to our business efforts, we are to invest in serving the society, taking into consideration the religious teachings, national and moral values.


To achieve the interest of the society by preserving the environment and contributing to the human development through raising awareness, education, qualification, and skills development.


  1. To set up a clear methodology for social responsibility practices and search for areas of development to bring up the level locally, regionally and globally.
  2. To promote the value of social responsibility in others and provide a model to be adhered to by adopting excellence in its exercise corresponding with the company standards.
  3. To cooperate with our social responsibility partners and support their programs in all cultural, rehabilitation, social and health fields, in addition to supporting environment conservation.
  4. Initiating social activities/projects by sharing innovative ideas with other social responsibility partners.
  5. Integrate with sponsors to develop standards and principles that support civil institutions and intellectual activities.