We Are Maximizing the Economic Diversification in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to the National Industrialization Company (Tasnee). Established in 1985, as the first Saudi private sector's fully owned joint stock industrial company, with the aim of advancing the economic diversification in Saudi Arabia.

Today, as one of the largest industrial and petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest investors in titanium value chain locally and globally, we are recognized for our wide experience, skills, efficiencies, state-of-the art technologies and innovative solutions that add value to our products and services worldwide.

Achievement of our corporate Vision and Mission across these diverse companies will require practices that incorporate three core aspects of sustainability; environmental, health, safety and security, social responsibility and corporate governance.

What we strive for

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Our Vision

To optimize stakeholders’ returns and contribute to industrialization by pursuing ambitious opportunities.

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Our Mission

To consistently operate at high standards of agility, efficiency, sustainability and innovation in the petrochemicals industry.

Our Values

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We believe that good is not good enough, we strive to do more with agility and speed. We show excellence in our processes.

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We do what is right as a role model to others and treat people with respect, never bending the rules.

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Seeking Knowledge

We actively interact with the stakeholders. We are open to continuous learning and creative thinking.

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We respect individual skills and backgrounds, and we believe that we are smarter together.

Mutlaq H. Al-Morished

Chief Executive Officer
Tasnee, a rich history and a promising future….

“Tasnee has a rich history of strong growth and high profitability by ensuring the highest professional standards, ethics and discipline in all our operations. We have earned the respect by our customers and business partners alike with our innovative products and solutions, from resins to plastics and pigments to metals, touching almost every industry as our end markets.We strive for achieving more relying on a leading and powerful human in addition to maintaining security in all environments we operate.We have achieved a lot, defined our brand with global leadership, innovation and sustainability. And with the decision and hard work of our strong leadership team and people, we have a lot more in mind for times ahead.”

What We Do

Over 3,200 people work for TASNEE and its affiliates today. They provide industrial services and market our products to the world. But there is a greater connection among these people than just day-to-day business. It is the feeling of pride that comes from working on a very bright future.

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We have invested in many diversified downstream industries through some prominent companies

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Advanced Metals

The metal industry is one of the most important economic sectors in Saudi Arabia.

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Technology & Innovation

Encouraging Technology Transfer Through Collaboration

Through technology transfer and collaboration we encourage innovators in Tasnee to protect and commercialize their innovations using our world class R&D laboratories and facilities. Our researchers and scientists continuously develop new ways to improve the efficiency of our petrochemicals, downstream, and advanced metals manufacturing processes.

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Research & Development

Equipped with plastic processing technologies

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Analytical Labs

Our labs are well equipped with latest analytical equipment

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Technical Support & Training

Encouraging Technology Transfer Through Collaboration

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Certifications and Accreditations

International Accreditation Services (IAS)

Committed to Excellence in Environmental, Health, Safety and Security

Tasnee provides direct and indirect economic value across a wide range of interests in petrochemicals, chemicals, plastics, and metals manufacturing, industrial services and environmental technologies.