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    Financial Highlights

    Numbers below show the Company annual financial results for the 1st quarter 2024 in Saudi Riyals





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    Why Invest With Us?

    Tasnee is the First joint-stock industrial company fully owned by the private sector, one of the largest industrial companies in KSA in petrochemicals, downstream and advanced metals, and one of the world's largest investors in titanium dioxide.


    Industrial Pioneer

    Pioneer in petrochemicals, downstream, and advanced metals with high quality products to meet customers' needs.


    Strategic Partnerships

    Valuable partners and technology developers to sustain our excellence.


    Global Supply Chain

    Powerful supply chain for effective and efficient production and delivery worldwide.

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    Financial Fact Sheet

    Tasnee owns a good financial position and financial indicators. Navigate through the tabs below to see our results.

    Basic Differences in Operational Results (SR‘000):
      2023 2022 Changes Change percentage
    Sales/Revenues 3,566,959 3,882,862 (315,903) (8%)
    Sales/ Revenues Costs 3,202,483 3,018,573 183,910 6%
    Total Profit 364,476 864,289 (499,813) (58%)
    Operational Profit (loss) 413,887 1,320,783 (906,896) (69%)
    Company business results for the last 3 fiscal years (SR ‘000):
      2023 2022 2021
    Income 3,566,959 3,882,862 3,673,085
    Sales/ Revenues Costs 3,202,483 3,018,573 2,686,081
    Gross Profit 364,476 864,289 987,004
    Net profit 174,568 666,346 1,356,388
    Current assets 7,275,061 6,308,603 6,409,266
    Noncurrent assets 18,106,517 18,349,299 18,570,925
    Total assets 25,381,578 24,657,902 24,980,191
    Current liabilities 7,012,155 5,448,096 4,767,853
    Noncurrent liabilities 6,181,305 6,814,375 8,649,430
    Total liabilities 13,193,460 12,262,471 13,417,283

    Financial Fact Sheet

    Tasnee owns a good financial position and financial indicators. Navigate through the tabs below to see our results.



















    Corporate Governance

    In accordance with the Companies Law, and the Corporate Governance Regulations issued from the Capital Market Authority, TASNEE is committed to Corporate Governance and its best practices to ensure protection of Shareholders’ rights as well as the rights of Stakeholders.

    Audit Committee Charter

    The Audit Committee Charter, which was approved by the General Assembly, sets forth the policies and procedures for the Audit Committee activities, its mission, and the rules for selecting and nominating its members, the term membership and compensation.


    The responsibilities of the Audit Committee are involved with appraising the Financial Reports and its fairness of representation, appraising the Internal Control environments and adequacy thereof, appraising the Statutory Auditor’s fairness and transparency, and ensuring the compliance of Internal Control environments.

    Powers of the Audit Committee and its Scope of Work

    The Audit Committee is authorized in fulfillment of its role and whilst observing confidentiality and sensitivity of information, with full, free and unrestricted access to relevant documents of the Board of Directors, Executive management, and the Company’s employees. The Audit Committee is entitled to seek clarifications regarding relevant subjects of interest, and request the Board of Directors to call for the General Assembly to be notified should their independence is compromised, their role is impeded, or the company was facing significant damages or losses, as and when this may be required. The Audit Committee develops arrangements that enable employees to confidentially provide their remarks with respect to any inaccuracies in the financial statements or other TASNEE reports.

    The formation of the Audit Committee and its Competency

    The Audit Committee is formed by a resolution of the Company's Ordinary General Assembly as suggested by the Board of Directors, and the members of the Audit Committee can be from the shareholders or others provided that at least one of its members is an Independent Director and that no Executive Director is among its members, few members can also be a non-board member. The number of members the audit committee has is not less than three nor more than five, provided that one of its member is specialized in finance and accounting. Should any position become vacant in the Audit Committee, the Board may assign another member for the position, which will be voted upon for approval in the nearest General Assembly Meeting. The chairman of the Audit Committee or their delegated authority attends the General Assembly meeting to answer any inquiries raised by the shareholders, and the General Assembly has the authority to end the term or reappoint the members, at any time.

    The Board of Directors’ specifies in the Audit Committee formation resolution, its responsibilities, scope of work, and members remuneration. The membership term for Audit Committee members coincides for the elected Board of Directors’ term. The Audit Committee members are adequately qualified to assume their roles, and have clear understanding for the importance of their active participation in Corporate Governance, and can take appropriate decisions for the Audit Committee activities. The combined Audit Committee members expertise covers all aspects relevant to TASNEE’s activities and includes financial and accounting proficiency necessary in conducting its function. TASNEE Audit Committee members also hold no indictment of fraudulent or dishonorable activities and have commendable integrity standards. In order to redress any potential conflict of interest, it is also required that Audit Committee members have not been working for at least two years in executive or financial management of TASNEE, nor its Statuary Auditor.

    The Audit Committee Meeting

    The Audit Committee periodically convenes at least four times during the Company’s financial year, the meetings are called by the Audit Committee Chairman and additional meetings are made when requested by either the Audit Committee members, the Internal Audit Department, or the Statuary Auditor, as needed. The Audit Committee meeting is valid only if the attendees, whether Audit Committee members or their delegated authority, constitute the quorum. The Audit Committee Secretary is assigned to record the meeting’s proceedings and he can be either a member or a non-member of the Audit Committee.

    Internal Audit Charter


    The objective of the Internal Audit Charter is to document the purpose, authority, and responsibility of the Internal Audit Department. The Charter establishes the Department position within TASNEE and its affiliates; authorizes access to records, personnel, and physical properties relevant to the performance of duties and engagements; and defines the scope of work.

    Independency and Authority

    Internal Audit remains free from interference by any element in the organization to permit maintenance of a necessary independent and objective mental attitude. TASNEE Internal auditors adopt the best international practices and exhibit the highest level of professional objectivity in gathering, evaluating, and communicating information about the activity or process being examined. Internal auditors also make a balanced assessment of all the relevant circumstances not to be unduly influenced by their own interests or by others in forming judgments. Internal auditors have no direct operational responsibility or authority over any of the activities audited. Accordingly, they do not implement internal controls, develop procedures, install systems, prepare records, or engage in any other activity that may impair their professional judgment.


    The Internal Audit Department is responsible to manage an overall strategy, direction and leadership of the function in order to provide an independent assurance to the Audit Committee and the Executive Management on the effectiveness and efficacy of risk management, control, and governance processes within TASNEE and its affiliates in all locations, and to ensure the Department is provided with necessary resources to remain abreast of the changes, latest development and best practices of the Internal Audit profession, regulatory matters and other emerging issues and opportunities under the direction of the Audit Committee.

    In line with its strategy of serving its key stakeholders’ expectations, the Internal Audit Department is required to propose and execute a flexible risk-based Audit Plan approved by the Audit Committee at least annually, in line with the organizational objectives and to meet the expectations of the Board, Audit Committee, Senior Management, Shareholders and other Stakeholders. This includes the reporting of Audit observations and ensuring they are managed at the appropriate level in the organization. The Department also offers consulting services when required.

    Scope of Work

    The scope of Internal Audit Department encompasses, but is not limited to, the examination and evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization's governance, risk management, and internal control processes as well as the quality of performance in carrying out assigned responsibilities to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.

    Internal Audit Reports

    Audit reports are prepared and issued by Internal Audit following the conclusion of each audit engagement and are distributed to concerned parties and executive management as appropriate. The summary of key audit results is ultimately communicated to the Audit Committee. The audit reports include detailed description of each audit observation, management response and proposed corrective action plan. Accordingly, the Internal Audit Department follows up on the implementation of corrective actions agreed by management.

    Board Formation

    Name Membership Type Other listed joint stock companies participating in its board of directors
    Eng. Mubarak Abdullah Al-Khafrah
    Non-Executive Member
    • Malath Cooperative Insurance Company

    Eng. Talal Ibrahim Al-Maiman
    Vice Chairman

    Non-Executive Member
    • Kingdom Holding Company
    • Al Saudi Al-Fransi Bank
    Eng. Abdullatif Khalifah Al-Melhem Independent Member  
    Mr. Bader Ali Al-Dakheel Non-Executive Member  
    Mr. Saud Sulaiman Al-Juhani Independent Member
    • The National Commercial Bank
    • Tabuk Cement Co. (TCC )
    Mr. Musaab Saulaiman Al-Muhaideb Independent Member
    • Middle East Paper Co. (Mepco TASI)
    • Dur Hospitality Company
    Eng. Abdulrahman Sulaiman Al-Sayyari Independent Member  
    Mr. Fahad Abdulrahman Al-Mishal Independent Member  

    Eng. Mutlaq Hamad Al-Moraished

    Executive Member
    • National Metal Manufacturing & Casting Company
    • Inma Bank
    • Alinma Tokyo Marine
    Mr. Ahmad Naja Al Theabi Independent Member  

    Board Committees

    Executive Committee
    Name Role
    Eng. Mubarak Abdullah Al-Khafrah Chairman
    Eng. Talal Ibrahim Al-Maiman Member
    Eng. Mutlaq Hamad Al-Moraished Member
    Eng. Abdulrahman Sulaiman Al-Sayyari Member
    Eng. Abdullatif Khalifah Al-Mulhim Member
    Audit Committee
    Name Role
    Mr. Sami Abdulaziz Alshenaiber Chairman
    Mr. Bader Ali Saleh Al Dakhil Member
    Mr. Musaab Sulaiman Al Muhaidib Member
    Mr. Maher Saad Alaiyadhi Member
    Nominations & Remuneration Committee
    Name Role
    Eng. Abdulrahman Sulaiman Al-Sayyari Chairman
    Mr. Saud Sulaiman Al-Juhani Member
    Mr. Ahmed Neja Al-Theabi Member
    Risk & Governance Committee
    Name Role
    Mr. Saud Sulaiman Al-Juhani Chairman
    Mr. Fahad Abdulrahman Al-Mishal Member
    Mr. Musaab Sulaiman Al-Muhidib Member
    Mr. Bader Ali Al Dakhil Member

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    Tasnee Announces its Consolidated Interim Financial Results for the 1st Quarter 2024

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