TASNEE and SABIC sign a Butanol supply contract

As part of its efforts to raise its productivity of the acrylic acid plant, “TASNEE”, represented by the Saudi Acrylic Acid Company, has signed on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, a Butanol supply contract with SABIC. The contract has been signed by Eng. Fahad Al-Subaie, General Manager of Chemicals Business Unit, in Tasnee and Eng. Abdullah Al-Arefi, Manager of the Specialized Chemicals in Sabic. This contract will enable TASNEE to get additional quantities of the Butanol product that is used as feedstock to produce Butyl Acrylate, which helps in increasing the production to keep pace with the increasing demand for the product in the region, as TASNEE exports 76% of its product to all parts of the world while 24% of production capacity is directed to meet the demand in the local markets and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

This cooperation between TASNEE and SABIC comes within the TASNEE efforts to work in accordance with the requirements of the Saudi Vision 2030 that aims at diversifying the national economy, increasing production and adding new value in the Kingdom's manufacturing sector and increasing the contribution of local content in the industry.

Butyl Acrylate is an exclusive liquid chemical product that TASNEE produce in Middle East with an annual production capacity of 160,000 tons of acrylic acid and Butyl Acrylate, and it has a high industrial importance as it is used to produce industrial paints, cosmetic, adhesives, paper, fabric industries, leather, tablets and carpets.

TASNEE is considered one of the largest Saudi petrochemical companies, as it was one of the first private companies that invested in the field, establishing the TASNEE Petrochemical Complex in Jubail Industrial City, which includes the factories of the Saudi Polyolefins Company, Saudi Ethylene & Polyethylene Company and the factories of the Saudi Acrylic Acid Company.