NIPRAS produces and markets “Dibal” in Saudi Arabia

Within its responsibility to work determinedly to introduce new technologies that contribute to diversity in the fields of industry to support the national economy, including innovative solutions in the agricultural and irrigation field, National Nipras Technology Company (NNTC), an affiliate of Tasnee, based in Jubail Industrial City has produced Dibal with production capacity of 5000 Tons per year based on Geohumus technology.

Geohumus is a German technology and considered as the first in the world and the first time it is transferred to Middle-East to TASNEE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to provide improvement and efficiency of water usage, i.e. reduces water consumption and increases humidity content in soil.

Dibal product, greatly, contributes to reduce water consumption and increases humidity content in soil. Moreover, the product can be used in different applications such as landscape projects, palm trees and public parks. NNTC aims to market its diversified technical services and its soil enhancer product (Dibal) in the field of agriculture.

From this standpoint, NNTC cooperated with King Saud University, Agriculture Department conducted a field experiments of Dibal in Thadiq Governorate during August 5th to November 3rd, 2019 and showed excellent results in saving water up to 30 % in the agricultural field. As overall, the agriculture consumes about 85 % of the municipal water in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so the water savings from Dibal product will give very high value.

Based on the positive results reported by King Saud University related to Dibal product, the company received the permit from Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture to produce and market Dibal product for agricultural application for a period of three years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the industrial license was obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources.