Tasnee Mobile Clinic provides its Services to Employees in Cooperation with SCAD

In conjunction with the World Diabetes Day, Tasnee organized an awareness campaign that included the employees of the headquarters in Riyadh on Sunday November 13, 2022. The Diabetes Mobile Clinic participated in the campaign in cooperation with the CSR partner, the Saudi Charitable Association of Diabetes. The clinic provided services to more than 100 employees, including blood sugar tests, medical advices on diabetes dangers, and distributing blood glucose meters.

Mr. Hatim Al-Shammari, Manager of Corporate Communications, thanked the Saudi Charitable Association of Diabetes, praising their social role in raising awareness on diabetes and its dangers as one of the modern age diseases among members of society, in addition to the services of checking the sugar level and distributing blood glucose meters.

Tasnee Corporate Health Department will organize an online awareness session on the dangers of Diabetes for all employees of Tasnee and its affiliates on Tuesday November 15, 2022.

It is worth mentioning that Tasnee has previously established a group of mobile clinics in cooperation with some CSR success partners, to contribute to providing unique health services in all KSA regions in multiple specializations as follows:

• 3 mobile anti-smoking clinics in cooperation with Naqa.

• 2 mobile anti-smoking clinics to combat smoking and raise awareness of the harms of drugs in cooperation with the Kafa Association in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

• Fixed anti-smoking clinic in cooperation with the Patients Friends Committee in the Northern Border Region in Arar.

• 2 mobile clinics for Diabetes Combating and examination in cooperation with Al-Kawthar Association.

• Mobile clinic for combating diabetes in cooperation with the Saudi Charitable Association of Diabetes.

• Mobile dental care clinic in cooperation with the Taiba Doctors Association (Hayat) in Madinah.

• Mobile clinic to combat obesity in cooperation with KAYL Association for Combating Obesity.