AMIC Toho Employees volunteer in Filling Food Baskets in Yanbu

Within Tasnee partnership with the Saudi Food Bank (ETAAM), contributing to the Sustainable Food Program, and in cooperation with Alber Charity in Yanbu, AMIC Toho employees participated in filling the food baskets to be distributed for beneficiary families in Yanbu, on Sunday August 27, 2023.

The event comes within Tasnee efforts in social responsibility and its contribution to the Sustainable Food Program (Takaful ETAAM) through the sustainable care provided by Tasnee and its employees to provide 1320 food baskets for 110 beneficiary families for one year. 87 of Tasnee employees volunteered since the beginning of 2023 with 212 volunteering hours as a result of participations in 25 programs within the whole year.

Therefore, Mr. Hatim Al Shammari, Manager, Corporate Communications, has expressed his thanks and appreciation for those colleagues who supported the sustainable program and participated in filling the food baskets; Abdulmalik Al Ghabri, Ala Almasri, Nasser Barnawi, Abdullah Almalki, Mohammed Naji, Hossam Al Juhani, Ahmed Alhejaili, Abdulmohsin Hawsawi, Abdullah Alshahrani, Osama Alhazmi, Abdullah Sayed, Hussam Mazain, and Muhanad Ashri.