Tasnee hosts the talented Students of Mawhiba Academic Enrichment Program at its T&I Center in Jubail

As a promotion of its role in social responsibility and its keenness to developing talented and creative youth, Tasnee hosted, in its Center for Technology and Innovation in Jubail, 96 students from the Mawhiba Academic Enrichment Program for three days, 6-7&9 August 2023, in cooperation with the Royal Commission in Jubail.

During the visit, Mawhiba students have been educated with the most important facilities of the T&I center. They also watched closely some of the experiments that were conducted in front of them benefiting from the developed technologies, with the aim of raising their awareness of how technologies work and how to deal with them. This included 3D printing, which is one of the modern technologies that Tasnee cares for as one of the industrial engineering’s techniques that enhances productivity and reduces costs.

Mawhiba students also met Dr. Suleiman Al-Khattaf, VP for Technology and Innovation, who answered their questions around the technologies they have seen at the center. Dr. Al-Khattaf referred to Tasnee interest regarding the awareness and educational programs that add value to the talented youth and qualify them theoretically and practically.

The Mawhiba Academic Enrichment Program is one of the programs of the King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity, which adopts the enrichment of knowledge, raising competence and readiness, and building scientific and practical experiences according to international methodologies. The program includes activities that focus on developing the students’ personal skills, and prepare them for participating actively in the other programs presented by “Mawhiba” inside and outside the kingdom. Mawhiba aims, in general, to identify and nurture talented and gifted students in scientific fields, in order to contribute to building a system and model for talent and creativity locally, regionally and globally.