Tasnee organizes a tree planting campaign in Riyadh for its Employees to support the Goals of the Green Saudi

Tasnee organizes a tree planting campaign in Riyadh for its employees to support the goals of the «Green Saudi» initiative on Monday, February 19, 2024, Tasnee organized a tree planting campaign in Riyadh for its employees, as more than 300 trees were planted. This effort is part of Tasnee contribution to achieving the goals of the «Green Saudi» initiative, which aims to protect the environment and combat climate change.

Tasnee is committed to participating in such initiatives, believing in its role in increasing green spaces, improving air quality, and reducing temperature levels. It strives to activate this initiative as part of the Kingdom's pursuit of a more sustainable future. Mr. Hatim N. Al-Shammari, Corporate Communications Manager, expressed his gratitude to Tasnee employees who volunteered in the tree planting event, and their efforts resulted in this sustainable work: Ahmad Al Nasser, Badr Mustafa, Mohammed Al Yahya, Sarfaraz Mukhtar, Mohammed Bashmmakh, Anas Smaya, Mohammed Youssef, Abdullah Al Yahya, Abdulaziz Al-Qaran, Waheed Huraysi, Yousef Al Heznawe, Alanoud Eraier, and Faisal Al Dusari.

Since its launch in 2021, the «Green Saudi» initiative has combined environmental protection and sustainability programs to achieve its comprehensive goals of reducing carbon emissions, increasing the use of clean energy in the Kingdom, and combating climate change.