Advanced Metals

Our Mission is undertaking the development and investment in Titanium metallurgy value chain in the kingdom which will ensure the transfer of this strategical industry to KSA, develop the local talents and will be the backbone for Aviation Industry in the Kingdom and enabling Vision 2030

Advanced Metal Industries Cluster Co., Ltd. (AMIC)

The company was established jointly by Tasnee and Cristal in 2014 with a mandate to develop the Titanium Value chain in the Kingdom. AMIC so far has established the Upstream projects by setting up a Titanium Sponge plant in Yanbu Industrial City through a JV with Toho - Japan with annual production capacity of 15.6 K Tons, also the company has established a Titanium Smelter plant in Jazan City for Primary and downstream industries which is considered the World's largest with annual capacity of 500 KTons of Titanium Slag and 250 K Tons or Pig Iron.


A Joint Venture (JV) between AMIC (65%) and Toho Titanium Metal Co. (35%) which is producing Titanium Metal Sponge (Operational) and is located in Yanbu Industrial City.

The Smelter Plant

Owned 100% by AMIC and will be producing TiO2 slag which will be used to feed the Titanium Dioxide plant in Yanbu, in addition to the Pig Iron as a by-product.

Future Projects

The company has ambitious plans to execute the downstream projects (like Melting and Forging) in a partnership with local investors and international technical partners.

A- Grade Sponge


  • Used in the aerospace and defense industry (such as civil and military aircraft structures and their engines) in addition to industrial applications (such as: heat exchangers, pressure vessels, etc.)
  • >99.9% Ti Content
  • Packed in Steel drums (sealed with Air Suction & filled with Argon).
  • Shipped in 20 feet container (15 Wooden Pallets, 60 Drums)


  Max% Min%  
Product Name Fe O C Cr Si Sn N Cl Mg Mn Ti Hardness
AT-1 0.03 0.03 0.005 0.010 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.10 0.030 0.005 99.7 < 85
AT-2 0.04 0.04 0.007 0.015 0.007 0.007 0.005 0.15 0.050 0.007 99.6 < 85
AT-3 0.06 0.05 0.010 0.025 0.010 0.010 0.007 0.20 0.060 0.010 99.5 < 85

B-Grade Sponge


  • Mainly used in Steel Industry as additives
  • Around 97% Ti Content (Uncrushed)
  • Packed in Gambo bags
  • Each bag on a wooden pallet
  • Shipped in 40 feet container


Product Name N% (Min) Ti (Min) Hardness (Min) Usage
AT-B-1 0.3 97.0 > 85 Steel additive, etc.,

Titania Slag, (Chloride Grade)


  • Used in the manufacture of titanium dioxide
  • >90% of Total Slag Production
  • >85% TiO2
  • Grain size 106µm – 850µm (Coarse)

Titania Slag (Sulphate Grade)


  • Used in the manufacture of titanium dioxide
  • <10% of Total Slag Production
  • >83% TiO2
  • Grain size <106µm (Fine)

Iron Ingots


  • Used in ductile tube industries, steel industry
  • 2%< Carbon > 3.5%
  • Sulphur <0.012%
  • Each ingot weighs ≈10kg

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