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Tasnee considers downstream industries to be as essential as upstream, both play a vital role in the Saudi economy's growth and development. Since its establishment in 1985, Tasnee has invested selectively in many diversified downstream industries through some prominent companies. Amongst those companies are:


Taldeen Plastic Solutions Ltd.

Taldeen is the latest innovation in the proven line of plastics production companies under Tasnee that produces various specialized plastic solutions and handling products. Located in Hail, Saudi Arabia, the company production arm occupies a giant complex of over 100,000 sqm.

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Rowad National Plastic Company (RNP)

Rowad is a limited liability company established in 1992 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and it is wholly owned by Tasnee. Rowad produces a varied series of plastic products which includes plastic sheets, injection products, geo-synthetics, and packaging films.

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National Batteries Company (Battariat)

Battariat is the first Saudi Arabian automotive battery manufacturer, producing quality products using the advanced German technology from Varta Batterie AG, Germany. Tasnee owns 90% of the company’s shareholding.

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National Marketing and Industrial Services Co. (Khadamat)

Khadamat is a limited liability company based in Riyadh. TASNEE owns 100% of the company’s shares.

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National Lead Smelting Company (RASASS)

Rassas is a limited liability Company based in Riyadh and completely owned by Tasnee.

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National Inspection and Technical Testing Co. (FAHSS / TUV NORD)

FAHSS / TUV NORD is a limited liability company based in Dammam providing ISO Certification, Inspections, Testing, Trainings, Calibration & Metrology, etc since 1986 . It has expanded its activities in the Gulf region through its affiliate “TUV NORD – Middle East”. Tasnee owns (directly and indirectly) 74.89% of the company’s shares.

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National Metal Manufacturing & Casting (Maadaniah)

Maadaniah is joint stock company, based in Jubail Industrial City. Tasnee owns (directly and indirectly) 35.47% of the company’s shares.

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Tasnee provides direct and indirect economic value across a wide range of interests in petrochemicals, chemicals, plastics, and metals manufacturing, industrial services and environmental technologies.

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