Developing innovative and sustainable solutions

T&I stands as the function responsible for driving all Research and Development related activities across TASNEE based on international standards, covering in-house and contract R&D, consultancy for turnkey solutions, characterization and testing, third party product certifications and knowledge transfer and training.

National NIPRAS Technology Company (NNTC) is an affiliate of TASNEE and focuses on 4 main areas: Research & Development, Testing Services, Training and Technical Support. These include energy, technology, raw materials of chemicals and petrochemicals industry and contribute to the realization of the KSA 2030 Vision where innovation, research and technology form the basis of the productive and competitive knowledge-based economy.

Application Development

We are equipped with plastic processing technologies to produce products, parts and specimens, as well as design modeling & analysis, process simulation, rapid prototyping and tool-making capabilities.

Polymer grades

Development of new polymer grades for building materials (wire & cables, pipes and insulation), packaging, automotive components, home and medical appliances.

Plastic Products & Molding Tools

Development of plastic products, plastic parts, processes, equipment and material selection. Design and develop molding tools and die heads for molding and the extrusion processes for the plastic conversion industry.

Analytical Labs

Our R&D analytical laboratories are well equipped with the state-of-the-art analytical equipment ranging and certified to international standards for the efficiency of ISO 17025 from spectroscopy, microscopy, chromatography, thermal, rheological and plastic product performance techniques that are used to characterize raw materials and products.

Testing Services

Characterization and testing of chemicals, paints, plastic, polymeric and advanced materials.

Product Qualification

Qualification and validation of plastics and composite products for specific applications.

Formulation of plastic materials

Formulation of materials and compounds for all plastic conversion industry including additives, stabilizers, modifiers and reinforcement agents to suit specific applications.

Technical Support & Training

Encouraging Technology Transfer Through Collaboration

Through technology transfer and collaboration we encourage innovators in Tasnee to protect and commercialize their innovations using our world class R&D laboratories and facilities. We strive to meet and exceed the ever changing requirement of our customers through product development efforts. Our researchers and scientists continuously develop new ways to improve the efficiency of our petrochemicals manufacturing processes.

Marketing Studies and Production Troubleshooting

Providing technical support to troubleshooting production and process problems for the petrochemical, chemical, composites and the plastic conversion industries. Functional and optimized engineering design for engineering and supporting systems to the petrochemical units and plastic manufacturing.

Certifications and Accreditations

International Accreditation Services (IAS)


"Dibal" by NNTC

National Nipras Technological Company (NNTC) is exclusively producing and marketing a new soil enhancer product “Dibal” which used in agriculture applications, it reduces water consumption with less irrigation frequency. Dibal has high water retention capacity property to maintain a constant humidity in the soil for plants and trees.

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