Committed to a Journey Towards Procurement Excellence

Procurement excellence is our ultimate goal, which we aim to achieve by implementing top-notch supplier management strategies across our global business. The strategies involve creating stable and reliable relationships and developing our people on the basis of shared values.
Also, we are investing in new technologies and systems that are essential for our journey.

On the other hand, our procurement and supply chain activities are designed to apply sustainable practices as guided by our corporate policy, procedures, and values, which comply with global processes.

Further, we plan to work with local suppliers alongside global suppliers for the creation of strategic partnerships that will ensure sustainability, innovation, and value creation in Saudi Arabia.

For purposes of transparency and openness, existing and prospective suppliers are free to visit our site to explore the published resources for a better understanding of us and how we
conduct business.

Benefits of Being a Supplier

Increased opportunities – be visible to Tasnee and other buying organizations

Demonstrate performance improvement

Differentiate from your competition

Secure online access to your profile anytime

Supplier Management Model

Qualification & Classification

Qualify all suppliers based on Tasnee's strategy and standards criteria. (Reduced administration requirements)

Performance Management

Manage supplier performance using standard performance tracking tools and period reviews and monitor risks.

Suppliers Segmentation

Categorization of suppliers based on their importance to the company.

Relationship Management

Manage supplier relationships with a clear governance structure.

How it Works

Tasnee is committed to driving excellence in all we do to maintain long-term sustainable business with all of our suppliers.



Provide basic company information such as contact details and supply capability.


Basic Registration

Answer a short online questionnaire, requiring basic information about your company.


On Site Audit

Verify that your processes meet the best practice of the chemicals industry.

Still Have Questions?