How to Register?

Registration commences with a simple online application process that determines the risk profile of a supplier, and which stages of the pre-qualification process the supplier will be required to complete. Factors used to determine risk have been pre-determined by Tasnee.

Suppliers will be notified of their due pre-qualification questionnaire requirements via the Achilles online portal as part of the registration process. If an Audit requirement prevails, this will be communicated separately.

Basic Registration

Tasnee Supplier Registration System questionnaire* requests data such as:

  • Basic company information such as contact details;
  • Capability to supply to Tasnee;
  • Willingness to adhere to principles in Tasnee Supplier Code of Conduct;
  • Local legal requirements such as company incorporation and tax payments.

Onsite Audit

An On-site Audit, if required based on the higher risk profile of the supplier, will serve to independently verify that the supplier’s processes meet best practice of the chemicals industry as well as the specific requirements of Tasnee.

It will check for compliance with recognised standards for EHSS; local legislation requirements; and appropriate standards for social and ethical behaviour. The Audit Report is then uploaded to the supplier’s company record in the Achilles online portal. The audit is subject to additional charges which will be communicated to supplier separately.
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Achilles Community Registration

Chemicals & Allied Industries Community questionnaire* requests the same information as Stage 1, plus more detailed input related to key compliance aspects such as anti-corruption, environment, health, safety and security (EHSS) and labour. A fee is payable for Stage 2. (See below Table).

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Annual Renewal Process

Suppliers are mandated to maintain a current registration in line with their risk profile and the requirements of the Programme.

  • A supplier’s risk level will be re-evaluated annually as part of the standard Achilles renewal process.
  • Suppliers will be asked to review their online information as part of the renewal process and to submit any changes to Achilles. This is important to ensure due diligence information-on remains up-to-date.
  • The outcome of an audit will be used to determine the need for further improvements and / or when a future audit is required.
Basic Differences in Operational Results
  Tire 0 Tire 1 Tire 2 Tire 3 Tire 4
1-3 product codes 250 USD        
4-5 product codes   920 USD      
6-10 product codes     1,350 USD    
11-21 product codes       1,770 USD  
22+ product codes         2,000 USD